Broadcast Traffic System

It is the most advanced part of the ASP Broadcast software and it is designed to automate 100% of the hard and time-consuming work relative to the daily playlists creation and the commercial service management of a typical TV Channel. It has a plenty of unique features not available in any other traffic software that directly affects the efficiency and could increase the sales of commercials.

The solution is especially useful as turnkey ALL in ONE solution for small/middle TV Channels.  It consists in two modules – the Commercial and the Playlist module which could be used to program only commercials breaks or full playlists /commercials+movies/.


Commercial module
Commercial campaigns
Auto scheduling of the advertising campaign Media Plan and auto price calculation in accordance with the TV Channel pricing standards (sale of guaranteed Rate Points included).
More Sales of Commercials
Several features especially designed to increase the sales of the commercials are available. They are not published on the site, call us to check if they will work for you.
Type of commercials
Support of additional type of commercials – bumpers, graphics, animations, etc
Rate Points
Fully support of the sales with Rate Points and import of the archived Rate Points data provided by Nielsen people metric companies are available.
Invoices creation
Invoice creation based on the amount of the really executed commercial broadcasts could be done in the ASP usual style – a single mouse click.
Campaign certificate
Automatic creation of the campaign certificate based on the playout log.
Compensating broadcasts
The measurement of the needed compensating commercial broadcasts (planned but failed to be broadcasted) and the re-plan of the new broadcasts needed is done with a single click.
Various reports
Extreme useful reports are designed to give operative and analytic information.
A strong security system managing the users and their right is available. All of the user’s activities are saved in a log.
Many others
All of the features are not possible to be shown here, call us for a demonstration to see the other.

Many of the competitive solutions automate the process, meaning primary an allowed cooperation between the TV Sale Team members. The ASP system provides such cooperation, but its primary design is to provide FAST and EFFICIENT WORK in the daily tasks.

The ASP system provides much more FASTER and much more EFFICIENT work than any other competitive solution!

Playlist Module
TV Schedule
Innovative logical construction of the planned TV schedule gives a lot of options.
Auto functions
The auto functions are designed to provide incredibly fast creation of the playlists that meet the TV channel planned durations and starting times.
Newspapers export
Planned TV Schedule could be easily exported in and it could be imported in newspapers, sites, etc.
Traffic + MAM
The traffic export/import sub system works together with the MAM to provide the playlists and to copy the needed video files locally on HDD of the TV Channel playout server.
Many others
All of the features are not possible to be shown here, call us for a demonstration to see the other.
Done in less than 10 minutes!

Most TV channels (Musical, Movies, etc.) with rare changes in their TV Schedule will find out that a 24 hours playlist could be created in less than 10 minutes with ASP Auto functions!

Why Ads Schedule Pro?

Extremely useful & easy fit in your established TV Channel workflow
Traffic + MAM + Monitoring Systems cover all functions that a TV channel needs in ONE solution
Unique features not available in other traffic solutions
Affordable price and reliable support
We had great fan in developing and supporting ASP. Let have FUN together!



We implement the ASP system for our 3 TV channels and the efficiency of all our activates in both commercial service and playlist creation process is increased more than 3 times.”

Viktor Dimchev
shareowner, Travel Television Bulgaria

“Everyday work with the ASP system is easy and efficient. No more playlist creation with manual adding file by file, no more manual uploading the new video files to video servers”

Presiana Boneva
Program Editor, Travel Television Bulgaria