A: The ASP Commercial module could be used with great success from all TV Channels – Musical, Movies, News, Sport, etc.

The ASP Playlist module could be used from any type of TV Channel, but the full power of the Auto functions could be used from the Musical, Movies TV Channels because they have more permanent logic that is automated from Auto Functions at the best possible level.

For Musical channel there is an especially designed auto function that allows an auto selection of the songs by keywords. The result is an extremely fast playlist creation.

Channels that have a normal routine to change the daily program in the same day like for example News TV may find the ASP Playlist module not so useful.

If you have already a playout server ready for your TV Channel you could use it and feed it with the help of ASP Export / Import Module. If you will start a new TV Channel we recommend you to check our playout solution because it is integrated in the ASP meaning that the  download of the playlists and the video files and the upload of the log with the played files are done completely automatically.

1. See in our Leaflet some of the most important features of the Commercial and the Playlist modules.
2. Review our short demo video movie (coming soon).
3. Decide if you are interested in the ASP Commercial, ASP Commercial + ASP PlayList module, or in the ASP Commercial + ASP PlayList module + Playout server.
4. Contact the ASP representative for your region and ask for a live on-line demonstration via Internet. For the demonstration you will need a Windows machine with screen at least 1440×900 pixels (bigger like1600x1200- is recommended!) and a reliable internet connection ensuring 20-30 kb/s in order to follow our demonstration server.

     Case 1 Commercials only – the ASP system is used to gather only the commercials. The final result of the operation is a playlist and video files for the commercial breaks only which should be imported in the playout server.

     Case 2 Commercials and Playlists – the ASP system is used to gather the commercials and for schedule of daily playlists /movies, promos, etc./. The final result of the operation is a 24 hours playlist and video files which should be imported in the playout server.

     Case 3 Commercials and Playlists + our playout server – our playout is fully integrated with the ASP system. This means that all functions like downloading playlists and video files, uploading the log with the played files are done 100% automatically via IP protocol /LAN or Internet/.

The ASP system is especially designed to handle with a slow and not very reliable Internet connection. When the Master Control Server is located in your office, the result will be that the TV employees working in the TV channel office will use the fast LAN network, while the other users (Media Agencies primary) could order their campaigns on-line via Internet.

The ASP broadcast traffic system is not for sale, it is offered like software as service. Usually the quotation includes the following components:

– Implementation – once time payment.
– Dedicated ASP Master Control Server –a reliable server with Windows Server or Windows 7 Pro  *
– Monthly fee – includes support and new version update.


* Dedicated ASP Master Control Server is a server with Windows Server 2008/2012 or Win 7 Pro with Internet connection. It may be located in the TV Channel office, in a data center, or rent from us. The workstation PC could be any Windows XP/7/8 32/64 bits computers with minimal screen resolution 1440×900 pixels / 1600×1200 or more are recommended/.

The ASP is responsible for the proper functioning of the almost all TV activities and includes extremely high level of automation. This high level of automation removes almost all of the technical manual works required, but this comes at the price of a complex management. That is why  ASP is sold only with Software License Agreement (SLA) for full support that includes:

  1. Full unlimited support via phone / instant messengers during the implementation phase. Consultation how to use ASP to cover the best TV channel requirements, help with  configurations,  daily review of the data added and alarm if something seems wrong, etc. are included.
  2. After the Implementation phase – update with new versions, monthly review of the data added, consultation when the TV channel changes its workflow, monitoring over the installed servers, etc.