ASP2: 6 years of development, 2 years tests in 5 TV channels

Our new broadcast traffic solution Ads Schedule Pro 2 is available for sales on the market.

After 6 years of development and 2 years of insensitive tests in 5 real TV channels our new broadcast traffic solution Ads Schedule Pro (ASP) is available for sales on the market. During this time every one feature has been tested and improved many times, now  the ASP is a reliable solution working in 24/7.

We put all our efforts to make Ads Schedule Pro extremely useful and its primary goal is to increase dramatically the efficiency of the TV channel management in both major activities – sales commercials and playlists creation.

The ASP slogan is “Discover the new level of efficiency in the TV Channel management!”  If the slogan is true or not you can answer yourself when you read more about the Ads Schedule Pro.

The bestway to findoutwhat ASP could do for your TV Channel is to ask us for a free on-line demonstration in English. The demonstration will be done via Internet using our Demo TV Channels loaded with test data, providing a fast and comfortable way to check the ASP unique features.

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