Globus Media Group powers its 2 TV Channels with ASP

Globus Media Group is a private Bulgarian company.

Globus Media Group, a private Bulgarian company using DV Play 6 playout servers since 2006 years, decided to implement the full ASP version for its 2 TV Channels. The idea was not only to increase the efficiency in the logical programming of the daily TV Schedule, but also to use the DV Play 6 integration with ASP. Their playout servers are located in a data center, meaning that all new video files should be uploaded from the TV Channel office to the playout servers. This time – consuming function has been done manually before; now with ASP it is done 100 % automatically! No any human manipulation at all is required, DV Play 6 playout servers are tuned to auto download playlists and video files, if any error happens it is reported with email.

The final result is that now with ASP the standard daily tasks like playlists creation, commercial campaign creation/management are done 3-5 times faster and with less errors!

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